Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Tale of VIII Painters - Tim - Warriors of Nurgle Intro

I Hate Painting

But I like making army lists. I like buying cool models and I like putting them together. If I have spare time I like playing computer games.

Altogether this means I have 3 armies in various unfinished states and a quite comprehensive shopping list of units I need for different lists I want to try out. Reading back over that sentence one word sums up my attitude - I "need" new units. Not want or would like to pick or think that they look cool, in my mind I need them.

And the issue with that is that I am embarrassed to use the armies I have. So despite thinking up some fun new list to use or having a cool new model to field and being eager to get a battle, when I actually put the units down I mostly feel disappointed (particularly when the opponent has a beautifully painted force with twice the models of mine).

So that brings me here. When I meet an opponent on the fake grass of the tabletop battlefield I don't want to be thinking "at least the shades of grey makes the models stand out against the board", I want to be thinking "if I lose at least I'll look pretty doing it".

But I'm not even a little bit artistic and I'm far more comfortable with a game controller in my hand than a paintbrush. So whatever I do I am going to try and make it as simple as possible to get a half decent result. My models will never be truly pretty, they won't win any awards and no one will ever coo over them, but at least they will have a unifying theme beyond bare plastic and when I square them up against the foe instead of sighing at how awful they are in comparison I'll be calculating how best to smash that bastard's cannon.

Why Warriors?

Three years ago when my friends and I decided to start on with WHFB I picked Chaos. I'd never used a Chaos army when I was younger or when I got back in to 40k a couple of years prior to starting WHFB so thought it would be cool to go with something spiky and evil.

Beastmen didn't interest me, Dark Elves looked like pouting emos and while I liked the daemon models I was taken by the Chaos Warriors brutally simple approach to combat. March, march, charge. If you make it to combat with a decent number left in the unit you will tear through almost anything short of a lord and his retinue (even that will take a hefty dent).

Given I was just looking to march and charge without too much in the way of fancy tactics it really came down to a choice between Khorne and Nurgle. The unstoppable force or the immoveable object. I prefer the style of the Nurgle models and having access to magic, so Grandfather Nurgle became my patron.

The List

In a 2,400 point Nurgle Warrior list I have settled on the following:

Chaos Lord on Manticore

Exalted Hero with Battle Standard
Level 2 Nurgle Sorcerer mounted on Warshrine

19 Warriors with Full Command
19 Warriors with Full Command

5 Knights with Full Command
14 Chosen with Full Command

Every model (excluding the two mounts) has the mark of Nurgle.

The Warshrine is a conversion I began on a Vampire Corpse Cart before the new army book was released and still haven't finished. My plans changed when it became a mount.

The Chosen are from the Warrior box rather than the finecast Chosen. They are empty handed bodies at the moment  as I want to give them some more exciting weapons than the Warrior box comes with.
Fingers crossed someone online sells tiny scythes.

Hopefully now, with achievable short term goals and an eye wateringly dysfunctional support group, I'll finally be able to get something finished that I will be happy deploying against any opponent.

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