Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Tale of VIII Painters - Simian - Part 2

So, yellow.....that's not a fun colour to paint! I know I wanted to challenge myself with this but I'm not sure I thought it through all the way. Why did I not go for a simple scheme that didn't involve yellow? Either way, I've made my bed and I'm damn well going to a smooth yellow finish on their helms.

Going back a couple of steps, in part one I'd just finished stippling the armour with the two blues and lightening the Helms and face masks ready for the yellows.

I next applied a Blue wash to the armour to try to make it stand out more and painted the helms and face masks with Ulthuan grey to bring them closer to grey before I applied the Casandora Yellow wash. the results of this wash are below. I also painted the weapons with Ulthuan grey to get them ready for the Ushabti Bone. This is the first time I've really bothered doing transition colours and I have to says its been very beneficial, especially working from a black undercoat as I always do.

The next bit at this stage was to painted the cloaks with Rhinox Hide to start the process of bringing the black back to a pale brown so i could work on the pattern more easily (not that I've worked out exactly what the pattern will be yet!)

Ushabti Bone was applied to the weapons next to start making the rifles look like wraith-bone. I also used the Alaitoc Blue for the visors and went over the yellow helms and masks with several thin layers of Flash Gitz yellow. This yellow I found the painstaking process but eventually was happy with the results after about 4-5 layers of watered down colour.

Then the cloaks got a layer of Baneblade and the weapons were given a heavy Agrax Earthshade wash.

Next steps are to put agrax earthshade on the cloaks then work on the pattern on the cloaks, I'm going to have to work out what is best for this so any suggestions would be good. I think a fair amount of practice on a piece of cardboard will be needed. Also the hair, weapons, backpacks and the remaining details will have to be done.

as always any thoughts, comments and criticism is welcomed below the line.


  1. Looking good so far. If you aren't comfortable doing a cano then my suggestion would be- dont bother. With a wash on the cloaks and then highlighted back up I think they will look good, a nice contrast with he yellow and blue.

  2. Looking very nice there, I'd agree with James on the camo, if you don't feel comfortable with it then don't do it. Your skintones are looking good as well