A Tale of VIII Painters

Welcome to our Tale of VIII Painters, which grew out of a collective urge to complete all those half finished painting and gaming projects that we seemed to have accumulated over the years. Musing to ourselves one day we decided, what better motivator could there be than public humiliation if we don't meet whatever arbitrary target it is that we've set ourselves for the month?

Most of us (with one notable exception) are pretty lazy painters as well, so this is also a way to increase our work rate and maybe even share techniques amongst each other so we can all become better painters and, in the process, better people.

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you, our VIII Painters:

Painter I

Name: Ben
Force: Eldar
Background: Having got back into the hobby about a year ago Ben is a keen painter, if largely inept. His main army is Dark angels but he is now branching into xenos and with the release of the new Codex is looking at Eldar for a challenge


Painter II

Name: Aidan
Force: Malifaux 10 Thunders models
Background: Having escaped the massive cash cow that is GW, Aidan now mostly plays skirmish games of which Malifaux is his favourite. Having spent the last year buying the new Ten Thunders models, it's now time to give them some tlc and get them painted


Painter III

Name: Anthony
Force: Eldar Exodites
Background: Eldar are the first, and so far only, army that I've ever collected, starting way back in the '90s, and currently I have roughly 2500pts of largely part painted Craftworld Eldar. Of course, we've already got two great Eldar blogs on this page already, so I've decided to go for their hillbilly cousins. So far I've had lots of fun kitbashing space age dinosaurs, and I've already got the basis for a solid force, which you can see below.

That's a Dragon King and four Kindred Guard, six Dragon Knights, ten Sundered Knights, 16 Exodite Dire Avengers and an actual dragon at various stages of construction and painting. To get started, my first target will be to finish those Dragon Knights.


Painter IV

Name: Tim
Force: Warriors of Chaos
Tim has collected three sizeable armies but not come close to actually painting one. A Tale of VIII Painters will be the spur Tim needs to begin.


Painter V

Name: Barry
Force:  Dark Eldar
Background: Newly indoctrinated to the hobby after an absence of almost 25 years.  Mainly a tabletop RPG player in the past.  Picked Dark Eldar because they looked good.


Painter VI

Name: Cobra
Force: White Scars or Dark Eldar
Background: Has played some form of tabletop wargaming for over twenty years Cobra normally struggles with the painting aspect of the hobby.  He eschews a non-optimised way of collecting armies, often focusing on themes and stories or limiting the selection of models to fit a story.

Posts: Cobras initial dilemma

Painter VII

Name: Ray
Force: Eldar
Background: A frighteningly fast painter, Ray has entered this as a way to structure his latest project - slowing down from buying things at random and instead slowly building up an army.


Painter VIII

Name: Joe
Force: Khornate Night Lords
Background: An all round geek on anything comics, games, and music, an avid collector but shambolic with actually getting round to doing anything to even vague completion, Joe suggested the Tale of X Painters pretty much as a way to shame himself into doing something properly for once.