Friday, 27 December 2019

Gaming resolutions for 2020

Ok so I notice that this blog hasn't had any new posts for over three years. Personally I've had some life changing events happen to me, and real life has definitely taken precedent. As for the other contributors. Well. I believe they all died during an acrimonious game of Battlestar Galactica.

Nonetheless I fully intend to start to fill out this thing a bit more. Even if it's just me posting.

It being the new year imminently, it's a good time to take stock and make some resolutions I fully intend to keep, even though its inevitable I will fail utterly.

Firstly where am I hobby wise?

Well I managed to get the kickstarter monkey off my back of late. I backed 7 projects last year (believe me that is good compared to previous years) consisting of 2 board games, a small card game, an rpg book, and 3 small minis kickstarters. In particular I think I am finally over the big overblown minis heavy stuff.

Board game wise I am pretty set. I will occasionally buy a new game if it appeals but I am lucky that between my regular board game group and Cabincon, the annual get together where 20 odd of us get together in a big house for a week, I am able to play a lot of games which really scratch that itch for me. Big news this year was that I managed to have a board games night with some of my old school friends, none of whom are gamers really, and it went down well. So much so that I've had some of them ask when the next one is. This will also let me play some of my more neglected games.

Minis are my issue. I have always been prone to the lure of the ooh shiny. Starter sets are a particular issue. I've managed to avoid buying into new systems that caught my eye (Cruel Seas/Black Seas, Dredd, Mortal Gods and 7TV have tested me in the last year or so) but I still have far too many projects on the go. I've started to reverse this by selling my untouched Necromunda stuff to a friend. I fully intend to concentrate on my unfinished projects in 2020 and try and actually get some done.

So in order to do this I am allowing myself ZERO HOBBY BUDGET. Yes that's right. Although...

Well... That's not completely practical. So I am going to allow myself to buy essentials, but that will be subject to a cooling off period. No more impulse buys (I bought an entire Laeteri Elf Runewars army because it was 'a bargain') everything has to be accounted for.

Also 2020 sees the release of Oathmark and Muskets and Tomahawks 2. I have minis for both games so you know. Its just books...

We will see how I go. I intend to start using this blog again and will start putting some project logs up throughout the year.

Until then. Happy new year Y'all. Happy gaming.

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