Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Tale of VIII Painters - Cobra - Initial Dilemma

OK so I have signed up to this pledge of documenting the painting of an army.  My initial dilemma is this, which of my unpainted 40k armies should I be painting

So I decided to put this out to the internet; should I paint my Marine White Scars army or my Dark Eldar army?

The White Scars will give you bikers and vehicles a plenty.

The Dark Eldar has most troop types, jetbikes, vehicles and Haemonculus troops

Post below to vote and help me decide


  1. White scars. .with a new marine codex imminent it might be the perfect time.

  2. I'd say White Scars. And that is in no way influenced by the possibility of your Dark Eldar looking better than mine, no sir.

  3. White Scars, because any tips on painting a nice crisp white are welcomed!

  4. White Scars vote from me too

  5. I guess I have to say White Scars too, with the rumours of the Space Marine codex coming next, and the possibility of having separate addon codexes for each main chapter, you'd be crazy to not have something ready.. Hell, it makes me think I might get the Iron Hands out again..

  6. Looks as if White Scars will be my new army to paint