Thursday, 20 June 2013

Battlefield Birmingham Combat Comrades - A casual gamer in a tournament

This weekend I took part in the Battlefield Birmingham Combat Comrades tournament. It was a doubles tournament at 1800 points with 900 being allocated to each player with a combined FOC. Myself along with a friend of mine from the Redditch gaming club decided to take part, taking his Blood Angels and my Dark Angels.

This was my second tournament having taken part in the last Battlefield Birmingham singles tournament, at the last i didn't disgrace myself going 2-1-2. but this was  different much more relaxed atmosphere, the people that take part in the tournament are 98% gamers like myself who are just looking at having a good time and roll some dice. the other 2% are made up of people that are hyper-competitive and want to win it all.

Our combined list was as follows:

Commander Dante

1 Sanguinary Priests
• Brother Corbulo

5 x Sanguinary Guard: infernus pistol; plasma pistol; power fist; Chapter Banner
5 x Sanguinary Guard: plasma pistol; power fist
10 x tactical Marine – Plasma Cannon, flamer
6 x Deathwing terminators – TH/SS, Chain Fist, Assault cannon
3 x Ravenwing - 2 melta guns

Heavy Support5 man Devastator squad – Lascannon, plasma cannon, 2 missile launchers

Aegis Defence Lines: gun emplacement with Icarus lascannon

How the games went
Game 1 - Loss
Played against blood angels and Grey knights, consisting of 4 Storm ravens, Mephiston and that was basically it, a truly evil list and we were lucky not to get tabled. Deathcult assassins swarmed the board with power swords and axes. At the end of the game we had 2 tactical marines left on the board.

Game 2 - Win
Spacewolves and Blood angels, Managed to hold 3 objectives and get slay the warlord and line breaker to win the game. 1 bike survived holding both an objective and getting line breaker, 1 terminator on another objective, Azrael killing the opponents Dante in a challenge (Dante down to one wound already) and one sanguinary guard on a third objective

Game 3 - Win
Tau and Dark Angels, despite a mass deep strike of 10 terminators (which the two squads of sanguinary guard took care of) and the huge amounts of shots from the tau contingent we managed to pick up a win. Dante managed to kill the first of his two riptides over the weekend in close combat and with the friendly dark angels holding two objectives, the Sanguinary Guard manged to capture a third in turn seven to take us to the win. This was probably the best game of the weekend against really good opponents.

Game 4 - Loss (tabled)
Tau and Chaos, we didn't play this one well and got tabled in turn 6. Dante did kill his second riptide in close combat but it was a kill points game and the 2 helldrakes ran roughshod over us. We did manage to kill one of the helldrakes in turn 5 firing a significant number of bolter shots into the back of it and glancing enough to down it but it was too little too late. 

Game 5 - Win
Marines and Necrons, 4 flyers that dominated but couldn't quite finish off any unit. At the end of turn 5 the game ended. Azrael and company were holding our objective, a Ravenwing biker was the relic (we were playing emperors will and Relic combined) and 1 sanguinary guard was contesting theirs. If it had gone longer things may have been different! Maybe...

Final result was 6th place for the team (out of 20 teams) really happy with the result.

Model of the weekend, Brother Corbulo, an absolute beast. Tanked saves on his 2+ FnP like a boss and dealt some damage with his chainsword too.

Flyers were the bane of our existence, from the four Stormravens in the first game to the four night scythes in the last we struggled against anything in the skies. I know we didn't exactly take anything that could be considered anti-flyer but what we did have was largely ineffective. I'm firmly in the not liking flyers camp as it seems the best way to defeat flyers is to bring your own flyers.

A learning points. Don't trust anyone. this was a shame but after being burnt in the first game on day two As I outflanked my bikes I asked if my opponent could see any of the bikers as i positioned them as he was on the other side of the table with his riptide. I couldn't see from my angle but its always worth checking was my thinking he said no. As soon as movement over he announced he lied and went to kill my bikes on interceptor. Thankfully Karma bit him as he lost a hull point to an overcharge. The lesson here, check things yourself, you never know when you'll come up against that 2%. 

Overall thoughts on the tournament. The list we took was never going to win it all, but it wasn't designed to, we took a list that fitted how we both wanted to play and had a hell of a lot of fun taking part in it. We had 4 great games against brilliant opposition (yes even the 4 Stormraven guys were good fun to play against). I would 
thoroughly recommend anyone that is thinking about tournaments or even those that aren't but want to roll some dice, to keep an eye out for a doubles tournament as the more relaxed atmosphere makes for some great games.

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