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We are now only a couple of weeks away from the Hooting event of the year, CabinCon, the origins of the name are shrouded in mystery but it is a name that evokes joy in the heart of all the hooters.

The concept is simple, one cabin, 17 hooters and a plethora of games, any games, all of the games! We will be spanning board games, tabletop games, card games and RPG’s all in the space of 6 glorious days.

So whats going on I hear you ask? Come on, surely someone asked that? Well, here are the main games and some of the participants anyway.

In Her Majesty’s Name 

In Her Majesty’s Name is a set of skirmish wargames rules set in the late Victorian period, but not the one our current history remembers.

This is the 1895 envisaged by Jules Verne, H.G Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, H Rider-Haggard and Rudyard Kipling.

It is a world of heroism, sacrifice and betrayal. Where the Great Powers, building upon the advances wrought by the success of Charles Babbage’s calculating engines, have advanced faster than one might have thought. Where ownership of the latest technological marvel might just be the thing to build fortunes, destroy empires and win fair ladies, where a few men’s pluck and cunning can change the course of history.

Written by Charles Murton and Craig Cartmell, these rules were released by Osprey Publishing in May 2013, with a supporting figure range from Northstar Miniatures.

The current known participants are:

Professor Berengei’s Travelling circus, The Ashdown Family, The Arcadia Marines, Scotland Yard, Black Tong, Sons of Ra, GOAT (Grand Order of Anarchists and Troublemakers), Lord Currs Company and a mysterious and at this time unnamed company of ladies.


Welcome to Mega-City One, a city of over four hundred million people and every one of them a potential criminal. Stretching the length of the 22nd Century North American eastern seaboard, Mega-City One is the most dangerous city on Earth – a serious crime takes place every second of every day. This is a city so dangerous that it demands a special breed of law enforcer. Here, there are no police, no trials and no juries – there are only the judges. It takes fifteen years to train a judge for life on the streets of Mega-City One.

"Judge Dredd" is a 28mm miniatures skirmish game designed to be quick, easy to learn, and capable of handling the madness that is Mega-City One, from the powerful judges to the lowliest punk or mutant.

Players take turns moving figures and taking actions. Figures can be customized to use a multitude of weapons, equipment and powers - running, jumping, driving, and fighting in a crazy sci-fi themed world. You create the scenarios and take it from there.

May your Lawgiver always fire true!

Known Forces - Renegade Robots, Street judges, Apes


Malifaux is a character-driven 32mm tabletop miniatures game. Players collect, build, and paint models representing the denizens of Malifaux, pitting these models against one another in groups called Crews for control of the precious resource known as Soulstones.

A Crew can contain several different types of models depending on how a player constructs it. Masters can manipulate the course of events in the world around them, changing their own Fates through their control or theft of Soulstones. A variety of fantastic and frightening beings, collectively known as Minions, serve the Master as fodder in his or her machinations. In addition, Henchmen can lead specialized Crews in their Master's absence, or serve their Master directly as a member of a Crew. Masters and Henchmen are also supported by Totems, extensions of their magical abilities which increase their spellcasting range and provide additional aid in an Encounter. Lastly, each Master can transform itself into a powerful Avatar, representing a specific aspect of their personality.

How well a Crew carries out its leader's Strategy and Schemes determines whether or not it will emerge victorious in an Encounter with an enemy Crew. Strategies represent the Crew's main path to victory, while Schemes are simpler alternate routes to achieve the leader's goals.

Malifaux players use decks of cards called Fate Decks to resolve game events such as attacking and spell-casting. Players can manipulate the cards they play to alter the Duel's outcome. It takes a shrewd leader to effectively utilize a Crew's resources, ensuring he or she always has ready the cards needed to Cheat Fate.

At this inaugural Cabincon there will also be a Malifaux Tournament on the Monday, CabinFaux is the name and the known factions represented are as follows:

Mei Feng & Shenlong from the 10 Thunders

The Guild are well represented through Perdita and Sonnia

Rasputina from the Arcanists

Hamelin from the outcasts

Lynch from the Neverborn


Deadzone is a dynamic tabletop miniatures skirmish game set in the distant sci-fi universe of Warpath in which two players take command of a crack team of upgradable elite troopers from one of four factions including powerful heroes, troopers, heavy weapons and specialists. You can even upgrade your troopers by collecting equipment and new weapons from the Battlefield, such as Machineguns, medipacks, grenades and more. But beware – you could be triggering a booby trap!

Featuring beautiful models from some of the most talented sculptors in the world, Deadzone marries the frantic action and fun of a tabletop game with the simplicity and elegance of a board game to create a truly innovative experience. With the Deadzone box, players take control of either the stalwart Enforcers or the horrific Plague, battling it out over scarce resources by combining deadly actions and an innovate Battle Card deck to lethal effect. Shoot to kill or claw your way through flesh as it doesn't matter how many should die in this urban landscape so long as players achieve their objectives.

All of this is set against a sci-fi backdrop brought to life using a grid-based gaming mat depicting the urban warzone that can be built up using Barricades and Buildings from the new modular Mantic Scenery Range, adding a vertical dimension to your games. No two games need ever be the same!

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer is a tabletop wargame of fantasy battles, played by two or more people. You can play small-scale skirmish games involving 20 or 30 models a side, up to massed battles that pit armies of hundreds of models against each other. Rules that govern how the models move and fight are contained in the Warhammer rulebook. Players choose and collect armies of models that are described in separate Warhammer army books. A huge range of models is also available from Citadel Miniatures, in metal and in plastic.

Warhammer is now in its 8th Edition. 8th edition includes some major rule changes/simplifications in order to rebalance the game. This version focuses even more on large infantry units with several additional rules supporting horde armies.

Featured forces - Ogres, High Elves, Lizardmen, Chaos warriors and Skaven


Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, the X-Wing Miniatures Game recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your manoeuvres, and complete your mission!

Whatever your chosen vessel, the rules of X-Wing facilitates fast and visceral gameplay that puts you in the middle of Star Wars fiercest firefights. Each ship type has its own unique piloting dial, which is used to secretly select a speed and manoeuvre each turn. After planning manoeuvres, each ship's dial is revealed and executed (starting with the lowest skilled pilot). So whether you rush headlong toward your enemy showering his forward deflectors in laser fire, or dance away from him as you attempt to acquire a targeting lock, you'll be in total control throughout all the tense dogfighting action.

Board games, the list here is too long for me to go into each game but here it is:

Firefly, Spartacus, GoT LCG, Cthulu Gloom, City of Horror, Twilight Imperium, BSG, Dixit, Love Letter, Mascarade, Avalon, 2R1B, Our Last Best Hope, Quiet Year, Sentinels of the Multiverse, 6 Nimmt, Dreadball, Dystopian Wars, Netrunner, Tanhauser, GOT LCG, Android, Descent 2nd Ed, MTG, Space Crusade, Lords of Waterdeep, Curiosities/Euros/gap fillers: E.g. Castle of the Devil, Fangfrisch, Power Grid, Caribbean

I expect to get some photos and reports from the various games over the weekend so expect more...

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