Friday, 11 October 2013

Preparing a Chaos Team for a Blood Bowl Tournament

A number of people I play Blood Bowl with in an online league have decided to get together and have a live game of tabletop Blood Bowl.  There are six coaches and I am using this as a chance to debut my all beasts Chaos team, with no Chaos Warriors.  I have played tabletop blood bowl before but this is the first multi game tournament of any kind I will have played in.

I managed to pick up a second hand 3rd edition Chaos team for around 11 pounds, which provided eight of the beastmen i needed (plus three spare Warriors).  I also managed to pick up a Minotaur and three other unused Beasties.

Picture Miniatures

The Chaos team had been painted previously so I went through the process of stripping paint from these models.  For this task I used Dettol, which is something I have done in the past.  I put the miniatures to be stripped in a plastic container that was surplus and left them for over 24 hours.

Picture Miniature in Dettol

After 24 hours I went, with a medium toothbrush, and scrubbed the paint off the miniatures.  After the amount of time it came off very easily.  I also used my fingers (in gloves) and toothpicks to get left over paint in the recesses.  These were quickly rinsed in the Dettol, and rinsed in neat Dettol to clear completely before being allowed to dry

After drying I soaked the miniatures in soapy water (use dishwashing liquid) to breakdown the Dettol.  Ensure the paint is off as if you put it back into water it will go claggy and stick.  A final rinse in clean water was all tha was needed.

I then assembled those requiring assembly and have undercoated the miniatures and added numbers to the bases.  As the tournament is with friends I will be able to play with undercoated miniatures.  I plan on painting them before the next meet.

Picture ready for the games

Now the tournament is tomorrow, my list has a Minotaur and 11 Beastmen and I get a chance to see how the team goes.  Report and photos to follow.

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